The start of my beauty obsession.

"Oh my! How much did you spend in Sephora this time round?"

"That's enough makeup and skincare to last you a lifetime!"

"How can you finish using all that lipsticks (all 148)?"

This are the questions and exclamations I often hear from the people around me.

Yes, I have an obsession. I am a makeup/skincare addict/hoarder/lover etc.

But this wasn't me 5 years ago..

5 years ago, I had only one of each item needed in a makeup routine. That means, 1 eyebrow pencil, 1 mascara, 1 lipstick, 1 blusher, and only 1 foundation (a drugstore one, too.) But 5 years down that road, I am currently a makeup collector and also a skincare hoarder.

So you might ask.. What happened along that 5 years?

I guess the answer could only be, YouTube happened.

It started with YouTubers like Michelle Phan, Zoella, Tanya Burr etc. And then it branched out to Canadian Youtubers, UK Youtubers & Asian Youtubers. And seriously, there was no stopping that mad rat race. I learned so much from YouTube and the community- The best way to fake healthy and glowing skin, the best ways to conceal my greatest insecurity (my dark eye circles), and of course, how to perfect that winged eyeliner and have my brows on fleek.

And yes, the buying game happened too. YouTubers often rave about the newest products that were launched in the market, and I had to have them all. I could easily blow SGD$500-$1K at Sephora during their annual members sale as I would stock up on my holy grail products that I use on the daily. Come on, when would be a better time to stock up on that Kat Von D Trooper eyeliner especially with that 20% discount?

And of course, buying those palettes or new lipstick shades that you have been eyeing since it went up on those clean, white shelves on Sephora. Furthermore, my job as a cabin crew made it easier for me to get hold of brands that were not available in Singapore. For example, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sunday Riley and Drunk Elephant skincare etc. I would be lying if I told anyone that I did not step into a Sephora while I was in the United States. Even when I was in Los Angeles and there was no Sephora near the hotel I was staying, I had an online order from Sephora waiting for me the moment I checked into the hotel. Yes, cabin crew perks are such that I get to have the latest products and products that are not even available in this tiny island I call home.

However, a non makeup or skincare lover will not understand the joy that this obsession gives us.

I love to sit around in bed and watch YouTuber videos of everyone's favourite products, and prepare for my flight with YouTube videos being my "white noise". And did I mention how I can turn a bad day around just by sitting by my vanity table and looking at my collection? Somehow, the beautiful colours just makes me smile, and nothing could come between me and my makeup.

I shared my obsession with my friends, colleagues and even family. And just within days, they become converts. They followed my beauty advice and took better care of their skin for a start, and well the rest was history. Among my friends and colleagues, I'm the "beauty guru". I even have ranking crew among my colleagues that save my number and would text me occasionally to hear about the latest products that are worth the try or splurge. I simple enjoy it. In February after a falling out with my used to be best friend, she mentioned how crazy I was with my makeup and skincare, and well she said some hurtful things that made me stop to think about it. In that very moment, I was ashamed of all my purchases and my one true passion. I spoke to my boyfriend and I told him it made me feel like I should stop buying or to stop indulging in this hobby/passion of mine, and he just simply replied, "Why should you?". Yes, I should not be affected by how people judge me and the way I spend my money. My money came from my hard work, hours of flying and walking from Singapore to London. I will not let someone affect my passion, and of course my love for beauty.

Therefore, you shouldn't allow anyone to bring you down or affect your love or passion for anything. But of course a word of caution, everything should be done in moderation. You should still have enough savings for the rainy days, and not spend every single dime or penny you have on your passion or hobby, else you will be living with a tight financial situation.

To commemorate the end of my "no buy", I just spent SGD $200 on Vexicot on korean skincare products! Reviews will be up soon!

Sorry for the very lengthy and wordy post, just needed to let it all out after more than a month of keeping it in!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to cleanse, tone & treat your skin! <3!