January & February Beauty Favourites!

Hello Beauties, How has the new year of 2017 been treating you so far? Chinese New Year has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Due to the nature of my work, I had only one reunion dinner this year, and only went to one house for visiting. Nevermind, next year will be better.

January went by super fast for me this year, and I can't believe that we have stepped into the 2nd month of the year. What sorcery is this?

However, I have since discovered a few new products & rediscovered a few old favourites in this festive season!

Let's just dive right into it!

GENSIS x SKIN Radiance Mask

Have somewhere important to go? A wedding dinner of your ex? A job interview? Or a first date? Or simply if you think your skin is looking dull and lacklustre? This mask is a go to for me. GENESIS x SKIN is a newly established company. The masks are made in Korea, but online sales are available on a Singapore website. I have been simply loving this mask! The pack of 6 would cost you $48 SGD, but if you sign up for their newsletter via email, you get an additional 10% off. Though expensive, I simply feel that this mask is worth every penny, and I am about to do a repurchase.

The effects of this mask are simply amazing! My skin is significantly brighter and more even toned just with one usage. However, just like all other masks, the brightening effect is pretty short lived, and it lasts for about 3 days before it is less visible. This could be the fact that the lazy me did not maintain its brightness by applying my sunblock and other skincare religiously. However, if you are looking for an instant boost for a special occasion, this is the mask to go to!

The brand also has 2 other types of mask, namely, the Perfection mask, and the Blossom mask.The Perfection mask is suitable for blemish prone skin with bigger pores, while the Blossom mask is suitable for all skin types with anti-aging concerns.

The Body Shop Drops of Light, Brightening Serum, Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence

The Body Shop Skin Defence Sunscreen: S$34.90

The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum: S$43.90

I have just started using this above 2 products on an almost everyday morning routine. Yes, I am obsessed with anything beauty or makeup related, however, I am as lazy like all the other women out there. When I was significantly younger, the word sunscreen used to be a huge "Oh God, No!" to me. I guess it was fully due to the fact that my mother used to smear those thick & heavy smelling sunscreen that were tacky and just beyond disgusting. Growing up, I never knew the importance of it at all. Well, until I got my first pigmentation on my left & right cheek.

I love how the Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence from The Body Shop is super light weight and definitely not tacky at all.

It's light texture makes it easy to put it on, just right before I put on my makeup base. Yes, most CC Creams & foundations that we used today are already covered with SPF Protection, but however, that is never enough! (Trust me on that!)

I have not seen an improvement in the pigmentation just by religiously applying my sunscreen, however, I have yet to notice any dark and pesky new pigmentations as of today. And like you know what they say, "Prevention is Key".

The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum has the same texture like the sunscreen. It is lightweight and really easy to apply, while sinking into the skin real fast. In my opinion, it is best suitable as a day time serum since it is super lightweight and definitely will not affect any makeup application. In my beauty regime, a serum is the most important and it is also where I will most gladly spend my dollar. Why? Serums are treatments, targetted at your specific needs and concerns, like anti-aging, brightening, moisturising etc.

Having a serum in your daily beauty regime, not only addresses your concerns but helps your moisturiser to achieve more.

COSRX Ultimate Moisturising Honey Overnight Mask

In the recent few months, I have been hearing about this Korean skincare brand called COSRX. A fellow colleague of mine had mentioned to me how great their acne range was. However, as I am not suffering from acne issues as I'm a dry skin girl and the lack of oil has always been my concern, I just listened to her raves and just nodded on while she talked.

However, the American Youtube community has grown much bigger in the recent years, and the uprising trend of K-beauty products are here to stay. Therefore on a sad and lonely night when I needed retail therapy (but was too lazy to head out), I went to My Beauty Moments and I bought some of the highly raved products from the line. The range was super extensive, with products filled with beneficial ingredients like Snail Mucin Essence, Honey, Rice, Hyaluronic acid & AHA/BHA.

I chose to review the Ultimate Moisturising Honey Overnight Mask as I have used it the most in the month of February. The 60ml tube might seem small at first, but it actually contains a lot of product as a little really goes a long way. All you need is a dime size amount for the whole entire face, as the product is pretty thin and easy to apply. It is definitely not tacky, sticky or rich, perfect for those who hate feeling suffocated with a mask while you sleep. Therefore, what easier way is there to take care of your skin while you sleep? Oh, and did I mention that this product will only cost you S$20! (Definite value for money!)

the SAEM Perfect Cover Tip Concealer

This has been my latest holy grail concealer!

For those who know me personally, you'd know that I suffer from very bad dark eye circles. I have always had problems concealing them since I was in my teens, and it seems to run in the family. (My Sister suffers from it too!) However since I stumbled across this product while I was browsing on Althea Korea, it has been a great lifesaver! The consistency of this product is thick and dewy enough to look natural under the eyes, yet providing sufficient coverage to hide any flaws and imperfections. I love how it blends easily into the skin, and does not look cake-y despite being full coverage. It comes in 3 shades, 01/1.5/02, and I often use a mixture of 01 & 1.5 depending on how bright I want my under eye to be. I usually apply it by swiping it in an inverted triangle shape under the eyes for instant brightening and highlighting, and blend it our with a damp beauty blender. I will then set it with the Laura Mercier Under Eye Brightening Powder or any loose powder to prevent it from creasing the entire day. However, if you are someone with fine lines or dryness under the eyes, I would suggest you apply an eye cream before following the steps as mentioned above, or to skip the loose powder step and keep it slightly dewy looking.

PSST! Did I mention that this product only costs you S$5? Unbelievable pricing! (I have stocked myself up in case it runs out on the site!)

Latest Makeup Look: Pink lids & Red Lips

Yes, I know, I am slightly late on the bandwagon as many big fashion brands have featured this look on the runway since mid 2016.

I have however only picked this up in the recent weeks, and have simply enjoyed it. A pink look on the eyes makes you look made up enough for day and night, and it is done so effortlessly. And what more do I need to say about red lips? The confidence simple shines true, and I feel feminine yet lady boss enough to embark on my daily adventures.

The above photos are examples of how you can wear this look. If a bold red lipstick seems too much for you on an everyday basis, feel free to lighten it up with a pink/mauve nude lip instead. I love the simplicity of this look as I can use just one shade to make myself look fresh and polished. And best of all, you can use a blusher shade instead of a pink eyeshadow if you don't own one! Likewise with the same blusher, you can apply it on your cheeks in an upward motion towards your temples to create a slim and naturally contoured look. With a flick of mascara on your eyes, and a swipe of eyeliner on your lids, you are ready to conquer anything. Whether it comes to a meeting in the corporate world, a 9 to 5 job in the office or a date you have been eagerly looking forward to, I am sure this makeup look will look amazing on you.

That is all for the month of January & February ladies, and I hope you enjoy my favourites as much as I did.

Stay tuned for the next post as I shed some light on how I got started with makeup & skincare, and how it turned into my obsession.

Till then, take care & sweet dreams!